Article Settings

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Article Right Click

To customize a post, simply right-click on the post and choose "Settings." This will display a panel offering a range of customization options.

Article Settings


By default, each post URL uses its UUID, like this:

You can enter a custom slug here to change the URL to something like:

Only lowercase letters, numbers, and hyphens can be used in the slug.


By default, each post has a "blog" type, meaning it will appear chronologically on the homepage and be included in the RSS feed. However, for pages like "About Us," you may not want them to appear as blog posts on the homepage. In this case, you can select the "Page" type here.

If Include in Site Navigation is checked, the post will be included in the site-level navigation. For example, if you have an "About Us" page and want to display it at the top level, this is the option for you.

Navigation Weight is an integer used for ordering; smaller numbers appear first.

If you want an item in the site-level navigation to redirect to another URL, you can enter that URL here.