Planet is a free and open source tool for publishing and following web content. It doesn't rely on a central server or service, and instead uses IPFS for peer-to-peer content distribution. You can also link your content to an Ethereum Name (e.g. yourname.eth) so that others can follow you on Planet using your .eth name. Since both IPFS and ENS are decentralized, you can use Planet to build and follow websites in a decentralized way.

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Getting Started

Did you know that you can use an Ethereum Name (ENS) to set up a website? It's true! You can use the Content Hash field, just like you would use an A or CNAME record for a traditional domain name. The standard for this is EIP-1577, and the Content Hash field can accept a few different values. For example, you can use IPFS, which is another decentralized content distribution technology. In fact, the website at vitalik.eth is already using IPFS to host its content.

Follow the updates from vitalik.eth with Planet

After you create a website with Planet, you can easily share it with others by copying its IPNS address. To do this, simply right-click on the item in the sidebar and choose "Copy IPNS." This will copy an IPNS address that looks something like this:


You can then paste this IPNS address into your ENS ContentHash like this:

Set Content Hash
Set Content Hash for Your ENS

Remember to include ipns:// in front of the string. You've successfully set up a decentralized website using ENS and IPFS.


If you are building a decentralized website that you would like to be listed on this page, you can share it by creating a post in the GitHub discussions.

Open Source

Planet is licensed under the MIT license.