Access a Website on ENS

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After you have linked IPNS to your ENS domain, you can access your website on .eth domain via these methods.


ETH.LIMO is a fast and reliable gateway to access websites on .eth domains.

You can append .limo to any .eth domain like this:

And it would work in all browsers.

IPFS Public Gateways

Many IPFS public gateways can load the website on .eth domain by putting the domain in a URL like this:

Cloudflare also maintains and, so you can .link or .domains like this:

Brave Browser

Brave browser has a built-in IPFS node so that it can load IPFS-powered websites natively.

Brave has native IPFS support
Brave browser loads planetable.eth natively

To ensure you are using the built-in IPFS node, go to Brave settings, search for IPFS, and change Method to resolve IPFS resources to Brave local IPFS node.

Brave settings: IPFS
Brave IPFS settings: Use local node