Link a Website to ENS

After you have created a website and added a post, it will get published to IPFS, and you will get its unique ID, also known as IPNS. IPNS can then be used to link to your ENS.

Right-click your website under My Planets and select Copy IPNS. You will get its IPNS in the pasteboard, and it will be a long string that starts with k51.

Navigate to your domain on the ENS app, and click "Add/Edit Record" to start changing. And you can paste your IPNS to the Content section. Be sure to add ipns:// before the k51... string like this:

Set contenthash
Set contenthash for your ENS domain

Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click Confirm. There will be a gas fee prompt from MetaMask because this is an interaction with the ENS smart contract to change a field of your domain on the Ethereum blockchain.