Here you can find all the documentation to get started. If something you are looking for is missing here, please feel free to ask the dev team in chat or create an issue on GitHub.

Create a Website

It is super easy to get started. Let's create a new website, and select a template.

Follow a Website

Follow many different content sources including IPNS, ENS, .bit, and any website with RSS or Atom or JSON Feed.

Link a Website to ENS

Link the website built with Planet to your ENS.

Access a Website on ENS

How to access a website on .eth domain.

Tipping with Ethereum

Support content creators by tipping with Ethereum.

Published Folders

Publish local folders as IPNS for easier sharing.

Local Gateway

IPFS local gateway.


How to manage and build new templates.

Article Settings

Customizations for posts.

Link a Website to .bit

Add IPNS built with Planet to .bit DWeb record. for Hosted IPNS Records

Use API from for hosted IPNS records.